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June 2021 Newsletter

We have been able to send three teachers from Bunyanga Bright Primary School on the same phonics course which we ran previously for the Kyemula teachers.This time Richard Wandiba, Milly Namono and Sylvia Nambuya (pictured with our contact Joseph Nataka) joined a course with over 30 other teachers so they were also able to learn from more experienced colleagues.

The teachers wrote to thank us for improving their knowledge and to ask us to provide some teaching materials so they could implement their learning ( see above)– and to say how much they had enjoyed staying in Mbale with real beds and a TV!We hope that the children will find learning English easier using the new techniques.

In Kyemula there were some problems with pests attacking the beans so we have bought additonal pesticides and the crops are now doing well – Milton reports that both maize and beans are flowering.

. We are concerned at the risks the farmers run being barefoot in the fields and hope soon to provide some Wellington boots….

Diana’s husband Stephen is a skilled photographer and we were delighted that he agreed to take some photo’s and video’s for us to use on our Facebook page ( and website ( but we were surprised to see this image of boys fetching water from the river as usually the water harvesting sytem supplies the village needs.

. Milton reported that there was damage to the guttering and a blockage in the pipework at the time of Stephen’s visit but that both issues have now been resolved. Sadly the wells we had fixed are now damaged again so the water tank is a vital resource.

If you have been following the progress of the Step Up Challenge on Facebook and the website you will know that we exceeded our target steps within the first week as we had many more ‘steppers’ than we anticipated – 17 people are in the 3H the Pacer Group with 6 people submitting their weekly totals manually. It’s been a roller coaster with unexpected administrative issues to solve but overall we are delighted with our first such fundraiser – thanks so much to volunteer Ellie for putting this together. We look forward to announcing the amount we have raised to buy sandals for the children– if you would like to donate there is still time, please use the ‘donate’button on the website – – where you can also see the step total -( ) or email me for bank account details if you prefer to make a transfer. Thank you ‘Steppers’ and thanks to everyone who has given so generously.

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