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About Us

"Create all the happiness you are able to create: remove all the misery you are able to remove.  Everyday will allow you to add something to the pleasure of others, or to diminish their pain."

This is our guiding principle – we know we can’t solve all the world’s problems but each one of us can make a positive difference.

Where we work

We work in Eastern Uganda, in the town of Mbale and the village of Kyemula, and now in the even more remote village of Namayili.


Kyemula lies to to the South of Mbale.  The distance from Kampala is only around 140 miles but as the road is unmetalled beyond Jinja, travel time is around 6 hours.

Namayili is so remote it doesn't appear on any maps but it is to the North East of Mbale and travelling there takes about 60-90  minutes by car or bus.


Our Trustees


Karen Whitaker worked in the charity sector for many years as a senior manager with Age Concern and subsequently as a CEO for a carers’ charity.  She remains active in the sector as a volunteer with Victim Support and Deaf blind UK.  

Karen is the Chair of the 3H Board of Trustees and manages contacts with partner organisations and beneficiaries.

Chris Bird.jpg

Chris Bird is a chartered management accountant. Since he retired Chris has been a trustee with numerous charities, currently he is treasurer of People First  and the Bridge Foundation

Chris has made a series of visits to Uganda and has worked directly with the beneficiaries of 3H.

Chris is the treasurer at 3H.


Laurence Whitaker has spent 6 months volunteering with multiple charities in Eastern Uganda. He has also volunteered for multiple charities in the UK focussed on community development and youth empowerment. He currently works as a National Account Manager within the beauty industry.

Laurence is a trustee for 3H.


Ellie Wake  started volunteering with 3H at the start of 2021. Since then she has worked optimising the 3H website and online presence and lead and organised the 2021 May Step Challenge. Ellie is an account executive based in London. 

Ellie is a trustee for 3H. 


Michael Milligan has worked in the software industry since he graduated in 1977.  He is a Founding Director of Dolphin Cad Cam Systems Ltd.  Michael is a father of four and enjoys walking, beach-combing, horse racing and football.

Michael is a trustee for 3H. 


Diana Muturi is the Scholarships coordinator at Livingstone International University in Mbale.  Having seen what 3H is doing in Kyemula, Diana felt drawn to the work 3H is doing there and wanted a more active role. She is already involved in a reproductive health project and is looking forward to further 'on the ground' involvement. 

Diana is a trustee for 3H

Terri Jones.jpeg

Terri Jones has been working in primary education in Wales since 2008. A colleague introduced her to Chance Nabweya and the work they were doing in Uganda. Terri has been officially assisting Chance Nabweya since 2017, building their social media presence and fundraising. Terri’s aim is to ensure that all children have a fair chance in life and the opportunities needed to change their future. 

Terri is a trustee for 3H.

Our Partners

We have established links with the following organisations working in the area around Mbale:




Please view our Data Protection Policy here.

And our Complaints Policy here.

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