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Ongoing Projects

We believe that education empowers individuals to change their circumstances.  For this reason we run two sponsorship programmes – the first to ensure all the children in Kyemula & Namayili have access to a good primary education, and the second to give access to tertiary education to those who would not otherwise be able to take up an academic scholarship because of poverty. In addition to those programmes, we are currently running a number of other initiatives. To maintain all we have achieved, our work requires continued investment. You can help by either donating directly, or contacting us to set up a regular donation.


School Sponsorship 


Our sponsorship scheme enables all children in Kyemula & Namayili to gain a Primary Education.  We need to find more sponsors – there are numerous children in both villages needing ongoing support. You will receive letters and report cards from your sponsored child, and know that you are making an incredible difference in a child's life!

£12 a month covers school fees, uniform, stationery and two hot meals a day.


Contact us to sign up for monthly donations

Pleased with supplies!


LIU Student Sponsorships


Our Treasurer obtained 13 free, tuition-only scholarships at Livingstone International University as benefits in kind for his voluntary work with them. 3H is using the scholarships to assist students who would not otherwise be able to access tertiary education, and helps them become ambassadors within their own communities and role models for others to follow.


£1500 a year pays for a student's living expenses.

Contact us to sign up for yearly donations

LIU graduation


Menstrual Cups


Menstrual hygiene is a problem for women across Africa and the lack of sanitary products causes many girls to miss school, or drop out altogether.  Menstrual cups, made of silicon, are discreet and reliably leak-free.  They are reusable and long lasting which makes them more cost effective than disposable pads.  We have provided each girl at Jackie School who needs one with a menstrual cup and training in how to use it.  Very clearly this is a continuing need… and the girls at Bunyanga Bright Primary School also need access to menstrual cups.


£20 enables 4 girls to attend school on a regular basis.

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menstrual cups


Literacy project

The local language in Kyemula and Namayili has no written form, so when they start teaching English at school, the children find learning to read a real challenge. At present, learning is by rote, which makes learning enough to pass the Primary Leaving Exam a huge challenge. 


We have trained 9 teachers at Jackie School, Kyemula to introduce a Ugandan phonics based reading scheme which will support the children’s learning– it is unique in the country and will help overcome the barriers to gaining fluency in spoken and written English.


More teachers at Jackie School and at Bunyanga Bright Primary will need to be trained and we will also need to purchase additional elements of the reading scheme over time. 


£75 trains a teacher and £25 buys a set of reading books

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Day 1 training
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