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March 24 newsletter

Bunyanga Bright School does not have enough space or teachers to continue the children’s education to P7 and to sit their Primary Leaving Exams so Joseph invited local council members and politicians into the school to seek support from them to develop the school. Whilst 3H is happy to help support the school through sponsorship we are not able to provide sufficient support for the expansion plan which requires major capital investment plus increased running costs.  We hope Joseph’s initiative proves fruitful.

Our pilot health clinic project has taken place. Here are Diana’s contemporaneous notes – a more detailed analysis will be provided in due course.  ‘Although planned for two days the heavy rain meant we eventually agreed to have both the initial meeting and the treatment on one day. We started at 9am where Milton introduced all those who were present before Sarah, the prescribing nurse spoke to those waiting. By 10am Sarah was ready for her patients. Most of the people that came were the elderly and women, some of whom also brought children. There were a few cases who came just because it was free.

I was initially worried in the morning that we would not have enough people. But by midday the number had grown so much that Sarah seemed overwhelmed. More people kept coming and by two we had to turn people away because we were running out of supplies. By 4pm she had seen with the last patient. In total we served over 250 people. This was minus the school children, who will be seen separately. The truth is that healthcare is a serious need in the village’.

Sarah was also able to check the health of the children – many of whom have malaria and to give them a worming treatment. Diana tells us that this is a regular event at many Ugandan primary schools.

After the clinic Diana and Sarah met with the older girls at Jackie School and distributed more menstrual cups to ensure they do not miss school when they have their period.

It will take a little time to digest the learning from this pilot project but it has certainly proved popular in Kyemula.

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