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April 2024 Newsletter

This year there are 32 pupils in P7 at Jackie School – the most ever.  As a result, the school is running tests to determine how many are really ready to sit the Primary Leaving Exam – as we pay for each registration it makes sense to enrol only those likely to pass. And apparently there is kudos locally in being the school with the better pass rate – which is an incentive for the teachers too.

It’s been unusually rainy in Kyemula recently – good for the farmers but less fun for the children – so the nursery class were delighted to be outside singing their phonics songs and getting some exercise.  When Milton and Joseph send us videos of the children you will find them on our Facebook page -

Term is coming towards the end, the nursery classes, P1 and P2 did their exams in the morning over two days while P3-P7 had two papers a day - below you can see the lunch queue between sessions

And below you can see some of the children in Namayili also sitting the end of term exams.

The children will have a couple of weeks’ holiday before returning next term and for the first time we are trialling a holiday lunch club a few days each week in Kyemula to ensure the children are being fed and have support in case of any issues.  We look forward to hearing how the initiative works.

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