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February Newsletter

This boda-boda was fully laden with stationery and more foodstuffs for Jackie School.  Milton also purchased some building materials to complete necessary maintenace on the school buildings – don’t you love the shoes the sales assistant is wearing as he helps load the boda-boda?

Regular repainting is essential to maintain the intergrity of the mud walls.

Milton has sent us details of the Primary Leaving Exam results, apparently a change in the format has meant that performance across the country was poor, and this is reflected locally although Jackie School did a little better than some others.  Of our sponsored pupils, one will repeat P7 having failed totally, two were placed in the lowest division, two in the next division and three in the second division – no child in Mbale achieved the highest divison this year which is rather sad.

Term has started – to the right you can see some Nursery children playing phonics games outside while the older children settle to study inside.

And here are the sponsored children at both schools collecting their learning materials for the coming term.

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