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May Step Challenge

Paces for Pants

A massive thank you to all those who took part in our 2022 May Step Challenge; Paces for Pants.


Throughout May we are reached a collective total of over 3 MILLION steps.

So far we have received sponsors and donations to a total of £806 which will help us buy over 500 pairs of pants for children in Eastern Uganda.

Thank you for all those who have donated. You can still donate using the button below.

Why are we walking?

Most children in rural Uganda don't have underwear.  Most of their clothes are bought on the market from 'bundles' which are second-hand clothes, often donated overseas and sold very cheaply. However, there is not underwear in the 'bundles' and as a result, pants are comparatively expensive.  

Not wearing underwear makes the girls especially vulnerable.  Many girls are the victims of unwanted sexual harassment, from both their peers and older men. Wearing pants reduces the risk of rape and can help make young girls feel safer.

3H are already educating children to respect women and girls but this is not the cultural norm, wearing underwear is a part of that respect and privacy agenda.

3H are also providing menstrual cups for girls as they do not have access to sanitary items and hygiene products which results in numerous issues with many girls missing school during their period.


Final step count

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