May Step Challenge

Step Up to Send Sandals


Throughout May we are pledging to step, walk and
run towards the collective target of 1 MILLION
STEPS, which is the equivalent of 500 miles.

Our aim is to secure enough sponsors and donations
to raise £500 which will help us send 400 pairs of
sandals to children in Eastern Uganda.

As little as £1 can help provide 1 pair of sandals,
sponsor the 3H team now as we step up to send

How can you get involved?

Join the team: want to be a part of our team and contribute steps to our collective target? Email to register and receive your participant pack.

Support our steps

To make a donation and help us reach our May target click here to donate.

Why are we walking?

In Kyemula Children are walking approximately 8000 steps every day to just to carry out the daily tasks required in the village

Walking in Kyemula

  • 1 mile – Fetching water when the village water tank runs dry

  • 1 - 2 miles – Seeking firewood to cook

  • 2.5 miles – Walking to and from school

The Problem

  • Sand Fleas or ‘Jiggers’ live in dry soil and feed on the bare feet of humans, especially children who have softer skin, and walk around barefoot. The fleas burrow into their feet, making blisters which can lead to secondary infections.

  • Unprotected feet means a danger of thorns in their feet, stubbing toes on stones. If Children's feet bleed there is a risk of contracting tetanus which can be fatal.


NEW Target: 3,000,000