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September 2022 newsletter

Diana has done a great job arranging and co-ordinating the phonics training for the early years’ teachers from Bunyanga Bright Primary and some of the Jackie School teachers who weren’t able to attend the previous course. It’s so good that the team from Read for Life (RFL) were prepared to travel from Gulu in Northern Uganda to run the sessions and share their expertise in helping the children learn to differentiate the sounds and letters they need to understand English so that they can learn to read with understanding.

Some of the teachers from Namayili had never been to Mbale before and Joseph reported that they were blown away by staying in a hotel!

Pictured left to right are: Milton Makambila, Amos, one of the RFL trainers, Alice Nambozo, Molly Namatosi, Jacqueline Nasimiyu, and Jenipher Namutosie, all from Namayili, Junior Watsomu and Rose Kharono from Kyemula, Lydia Namone from Namayili, RFL trainer Nighty, Sharon Yariwo from Namayili, Logose Efulansi from Kyemula and Diana herself!

We have purchased some early years readers from the RFL scheme for Bunyanga Bright Primary and also the supplies which the teachers requested to put their learning into action and inspire the children – who are pleased to be back in school – as Joseph says ‘even if the main reason is that they like the meals’

The children in Kyemula are also back in class and were pleased to receive stationery for the new term

Chris flew out to Uganda on 20th September – he will be there for 16 nights with a busy schedule visiting all our projects and contacts – grateful thanks to Diana who is helping with admin, travel and generally being his PA. Look out for his posts on Facebook – his report will inform the next newsletter too.

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