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October newsletter

In addition to the netball kit kindly donated earlier in the year we now received a donation of football kit and need to find a way to ship everything to Kyemula. The process is relatively complicated and well outside our usual skill set. If anyone has any knowledge of, or contacts who are knowledgeable about, ‘less than container load solutions’ we would be grateful for support!

10 year old Faith loves school, partly because she loves to learn but also because when she is at school she gets to eat regularly. She lives with her mother and her five siblings, her father moved away to find work as a security guard. Faith says she loves her father because he sends them money for school fees but sometimes he is late paying the fees and the children miss school – once when her mother was sick the money had to be used for her medical bills and the children missed a whole term. Faith says sometimes there is no money for food at home and they only have one meal a day of fruit – which is why she loves eating food at school!

Menstrual Cups Update. Diana has sent us some feedback from the girls who have been using menstrual cups. Despite some problems learning how to insert them, they love using them and are worry-free when they have their periods. Prior to this they had to leave class, worry about rashes and did not feel able to go to school. It was hard to keep the cups clean between March and May when water supplies were scarce – Diana has asked the school to make this is a priority in future. At present there is plenty of water. Diana is concerned about the myths the girls have absorbed around menstruation and is arranging to run some sessions to tell the girls about reproduction and sexual health when she distributes more cups.

A number of the children in Kyemula lack underwear. It is a taboo subject to discuss so tends to be a source of hidden shame. We have asked Sylvia and Milton between them to scope the problems and intend to purchase supplies to ensure all the school children have appropriate pants. We hope to distribute the pants as part of the Christmas festivities.

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