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October 2020 Newsletter

The Ugandan Government was looking to re-open schools from 21st September for so-called ‘candidate classes’ – for primary schools this is P7 – with other years returning within a few weeks. But on 20th September President Museveni announced that candidate classes would resume on 15th October with other students probably returning by January. The Primary Leaving Exams would be put back until 30th and 31st March. Opening is also dependent on achieving the required standards of hygiene and having the correct Covid 19 social distancing and other measures in place. Bunyanga Bright School had decided to delay opening as they don’t feel able to do this immediately but Milton had decided Jackie School should open as soon as possible. After being shut up for six months the school buildings were dusty and dirty so Milton organised a working party last weekend to spruce things up. We have forwarded the next tranche of sponsorship money to Milton and will work with him, and with Joseph in Namayili, over the next few weeks to agree how we can best support the children who will now not return to school for the next three months.

Good progress has been made on the kitchen at Banyanga Bright School – new walls and a roof have been added to the framework.The photos illustrate how the wooden structure is then covered with mud which has to dry before it can be painted

Whilst universities can also re-open on 15th October Livingstone International University has not announced their plans to recall the students. Our sponsored students have been staying with their families, Hilda has been helping her grandparents in their fields and teaching her younger siblings, Priscilla has started a small business buying and selling honey as well as helping her family with their farming. Moreen’s family live in Mbale so she has taken the opportunity to get some instruction in sewing and is making bags and facemasks to sell. Our previous sponsored students, Philip and Zeu keep in touch too. Philip is in Juba, South Sudan working with a human rights charity whilst Zeu remains in Mukono waiting to complete her Master’s degree.

Having worked successfully with Terri Jones and Chance Nabweya in Namayili since the beginning of the year we have now formalised the relationship by inviting Terri to join the Board of 3H – and are delighted to say she has agreed. Terri will continue to be our main contact with Namayili liaising with Joseph and his committee. Terri has also found a local organisation which may be able to support the people in both Kyemula and Namayili to improve their skills and farming techniques – we are negotiating with Ezra from Tree Resource Enterprises to see whether what they offer will meet the needs expressed by the villagers. After the frustrations of the past few months it feels good to be moving forward!

Despite the set-backs and difficulties we have been able to reduce the hardships suffered by many of the people in the villages we support – and it is your generosity which has made this possible. We have continued our mission to make lives better, albeit on a small scale but in ways which are appreciated by our beneficiaries.

There are over 40 languages in Uganda, in Lugisu which is spoken in Kyemula and Namayili ‘thank you’ is ‘wanyala’

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