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November 2020 newsletter

Chance Nabweya helps to care for 12 orphaned children in the village of Namayili. These children live with ‘foster families’ within the village. Many families are struggling to provide food for their own families, but the ‘foster families’ also have to feed the additional children they have taken in. Chance Nabweya tries to assist with food and clothing for the orphans, but are struggling to do that at the moment. We have provided some temporary support to purchase food and clothing but would really appreciate any help and support when it comes to looking after these vulnerable children. If you, or anyone you know could sponsor an orphan in Namayili please get in touch.

This is Ezra from Tree Resources Organisation holding initial meetings in both Namayili and Kyemula to meet the local farmers and understand their development needs. Ezra is now designing project plans for both villages to meet the expressed needs of the villagers – with timelines and detailed costings so that we can agree the scope of a potential project. . Our aim would be for both villages to become self-sufficient in food crops – and to be able to sell any surplus to the schools so that instead of buying vegetables from the market in Mbale we can buy from local people which would keep the investment in the village.

Jackie School has been inspected and allowed to re-open for candidate class – P7. So far only 1/3rd of the children have attended, but more are expected to return. The children are sitting socially distanced from each other, wearing masks and from the teacher and washing their hands frequently. (The blue barrel is a handwashing station)

We launched our Christmas Appeal last month and are delighted to announce that we have already received donations to pay for over 150 blanket (we need to buy 400) – which is a great start. Lee has produced us some lovely posters – just let me know if you would like a poster to put up in your school or workplace – or to circulate in your virtual workplace! And we also have gift certificates if you are buying blankets as ‘good gifts’ for friends and family. Please make your donations via bank transfer and e-mail with queries or requests for gift certificates.

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