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Newsletter for February

We have a new trustee. Michael Milligan - seen here on screen – has joined the Board and was a virtual attendee at our annual meeting. The other trustees, left to right, are Karen Whitaker, Kieran Bird, Chris Bird and Laurence Whitaker.

Student Stories Our trustees suggested that the newsletter would benefit from having input directly our beneficiaries so here is the first such story. Philip is in his final year studying at Livingstone Christian University.

‘I grew up in an ordinary family and although there were financial difficulties I finished primary and secondary school. On December 15th 2013 war broke out in Juba, South Sudan which worsened my life. Two days later we went to Uganda as refugees. I returned to South Sudan to study at Messiah Theology Institute from 2014 -15 and there I heard about Livingstone Christian University from one of the instructors. I applied for admission and was accepted but I had no money to pay for tuition and other requirements – I shared my financial problems with the administrators and was advised to apply for a sponsorship. I prayed hard and heard that Karen and Chris had agreed to help. I went out rejoicing internally and smiling. The scholarship has changed my life – financially, academically, spiritually, intellectually and socially. Now I am completing my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and looking back I realise how much I have grown as a person – soon I will not only have a degree but the experiences I have had at LIU have made me a better and stronger person. I have learned networking, databases, programming languages, website development, operating systems, computer repair and maintenance, research methods etc. And as LIU is a Christian University I have also changed spiritually as well as intellectually. I have been involved in the Student Guild and am Vice-President of the International Students Association – I have met and socialised with different nationalities and people from different backgrounds and different upbringings – the diversity has enhanced my own self-awareness. Now I have a network of friends and know I can assist others as I strongly believe no man is an island.’

Primary Leaving Examination results. Of the 18 candidates from Kyemula, one achieved the top grade, 12 the second grade and 5 the third. This is far better than previous results and will enable some of the children to move on to secondary school. Two of our sponsored children, Emma and Joan may have that opportunity having achieved the second grade.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. Karen, Chris, Kieran, Laurence and Mike

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