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May 2022 Newsletter

I’m starting the newsletter with a plea to help us find more sponsors. The cost of living has risen dramatically in Uganda, much as it has here, which means that we are struggling to cover the school running costs – and we have more children on the waiting lists for sponsors. If you know anyone who would be able to take on the regular commitment, please ask them to help. Details are on the website or email me at and I can send details of the next child on our waiting list.

The children at Jackie School look forward eagerly to their breakfast poshso. We had to buy in maize for the term’s meals but hope that by next term we can again buy surplus food from the local farmers.

This lady has grown a fine field of cassava which should be ready to harvest in June.

Sadly some of the maize in Namayili is looking bleached as the soil lacks essential nutrients to ensure healthy growth – it needs fertiliser. We have sent money to buy some!

So nice to see the Jackie School sponsored children in their shoes as they collect this term’s school supplies.Our May Step Challenge’ Paces for Pants’ has attracted fewer walkers than last year – but we hope there will be lots of sponsors donating to buy underwear for all the children. You can donate via the website:

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