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March 21 Newsletter

In Kyemula the pea crop is coming along well – this is the first of the innovative vegetable crops that have been planted.

There have also been some work parties to prepare the soil for maize planting which is imminent.

As the climate is slightly colder in Namayili no planting has been possible yet but the soils are being prepared – and the children are helping.

The President has announced that subject to satisfying the ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ on space, handwashing, temperature checks etc P6 classes may resume on 1.3.21 with other classes to follow in stages.We have agreed some repairs and improvements to Jackie School prior to the re-opening.

The prolonged closure had taken its toll on the building and we have also replaced the earth floors in some rooms with concrete which will ensure the children do not get jiggers in their feet.

Some of the older children have been helping with the work, fetching water and carrying materials

And the latrines have been rebuilt!

The 17 children in the P7 class at Jackie School have been studying hard and are registered for the PLE exams which will now be held on March 30th/31st ( Five of these are sponsored children). We look forward to the return of the 24 children in P6 very soon (Nine are sponsored).

Milton also organised a sexual health training for the girls with a midwife from Mbale – we are concerned about the number of young girls who, despite the high incidence of under- age pregnancy, are unaware of the facts of life. Diana will shortly be contacting both schools to arrange a further distribution of menstrual cups in Kyemula and a first tranche for Namayili

We are delighted that education is gradually resuming in Uganda – the students at LIU will have online lectures from 1st March too.

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