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June Newsletter

Maize and beans are growing well in the gardens around Kyemula – fortunately the area has escaped the locusts which are affecting other parts of East Africa. Although the plants are growing vigorously it will be a while before there are crops to eat. In the meantime, we have continued to provide some food parcels which are being distributed to the most vulnerable each week in Kyemula

In Namayili we have also organised further food distribution but sadly someone has broken into the food store and stolen the remaining supplies. However, work has resumed on the latrines which we hope will be ready for use by the time the children return to school – just doors needed now!

Since President Museveni has made wearing a face covering compulsory for anyone stepping outside their home we have funded, and Milton has had made, 500 masks for Kyemula. The tailor has followed the NHS guidance to make double layer face coverings in cotton poplin. And since the masks will need to washed regularly at a hot temperature we have also bought more soap – 96 bars of soap have been distributed to families. Joseph has also found a tailor to make masks for Namayili – and more soap has been distributed there too. Photo’s below show people in Kyemula ....

As Milton says, ‘Words are so limited for saying ‘thank you’ but I hope you have seen the appreciation of the people’.

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