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June 2019 newsletter

April and May are difficult months in Kyemula, food is running short and everyone is wondering when the rains will come – if they are late, the boreholes run dry and food stocks are low. We have already sent money for food aid. This year the rains were very late, the only water left was dirty water in the river. But the rains have finally arrived so crops can be planted – although these won’t provide food until July or August which means husbanding resources carefully.

And the water harvesting project is underway – which should make life easier in future years. First the water engineers repaired one of the boreholes.

And then they started building the foundations for the water tank which will hold the rain collected from the school and church roofs. Work was completed within a week and now we wait for the tank to fill.

Diana has delivered training in how to use the menstrual cups to the first recipients. We wait to hear about the benefits now the term has started.

And finally another piece of good news – we have received the first Giftaid payment from HMRC which gives us additional funds to progress projects – if you have not already signed up for Giftaid please do so now as this additional money makes a big difference.

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