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July 2022 newsletter

The children were delighted with their new pants! Thanks to everyone involved with Paces for Pants!

Milton has bought soap, washing powder, basins and soothing ointments for the children affected by monkeypox -

and when the parents came to Jackie School to collect these items he explained carefully to them how the spread of the infection can best be avoided by improving hygiene.

The tiny eucalyptus seedlings we bought earlier in the year are now big enough to transplant – they will grow amongst the potato and maize crops for the next season.

The farmers have also harvested a small crop of millet – mixed with cassava it makes a type of ‘bread’ which is popular

Amazingly the children and older people in Kyemula have now received a first Covid 19 vaccination. Milton heard on the radio that some vaccine was available so he contacted the District Administration and asked how to obtain it. He was told that as long as he could arrange and pay for the health workers to get to the village the vaccinations could go ahead. The effort Milton puts in goes above and beyond – it seems he has been travelling back and forth to Mbale on an almost daily basis recently.

The cost of living in Uganda has risen even faster than in the UK, small bags of posho which cost 1,500ugx (34p) two months ago now cost 3,500ugx (79p).This will have a significant effect on the cost of running the schools next term. We will need to recalculate our costs -and as you may have seen teachers in the state schools are striking for higher pay so we also need to think about salaries….

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