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January 2022

On 21st December Milton organised gifts for 119 older people in Kyemula – salt, sugar, soap and tea are all things which have to be bought for cash – and these people rarely have any money.

And on January 10th Jackie School finally reopened and welcomed all the pupils back. The Department of Education had previously provided the teachers with a training day to explore the issues which might arise after such a long break, and also to reinforce the ‘Standard Operating Procedures in the light of continuing concern about Covid. It will take a while for the pupils to settle back into the routine but we are so pleased to see them in class again, ready to learn.

The pupils were also back at Bunyanga Bright in Namayili

Our work plan for 2022 will focus on ensuring both Jackie School and Bunyamga Bright Primary in Namayili are financially sustainable. To achieve this, we need to find sponsors for more of the pupils in both schools as it is largely the contribution from our sponsors that funds the teachers and learning materials. Please encourage your friends and family members to consider taking on a sponsorship, just £10 a month makes a big difference to the child and the school. We are also seeking sponsors for some of the albino children and asking £15 per month to cover their additional needs for skin care, glasses and protective clothing.

Our Christmas Appeal raised a tremendous £2120 – far more than we expected, thanks to everyone who donated or bought a good gift certificate.And thanks to MInotti London for our first corporate donation. Thanks also to Ellie, for running a half marathon to boost the total. The money will be shared equally between Kyemula and Namayili to develop the farming project.

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