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January 2020 newsletter

The older people in Kyemula were delighted to receive their Christmas gifts of soap, sugar, tea, rice, bread and oil just before Christmas – the ladies all dressed in their finest gomesi for the occasion. We also provided a celebratory meal for eighty one vulnerable people and our sponsored children

As a variation on our Village Stories Diana and Sylvia have put together a new monthly feature for the newsletter – ‘Meet the Teacher’

My name is Brenda Kimono from Busiu in Mbale District. I am a 21-year old teacher at Jackie school.

I am a nursery school teacher where I teach all subjects. I graduated from St. John Bosco teachers’ college as a kindergarten teacher.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine since childhood and I like playing with children so it was only natural to become a teacher.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy reading novels, singing and dancing

December is the end of our accounting year so it seems a good time to review our progress against our 2019 objectives – here is a very brief synopsis. We will be preparing our annual accounts and report to the Charity Commission in the next month.

Accounting and banking procedures reviewed - Revised accounting processes in place and gift-aid claimed

Sustainability - Recruiting an Mbale based trustee has been very beneficial for the Board. We have an Mbale based volunteer, undertaking some tasks too

Review of progress - Water harvesting project completed. Shoes, menstrual cups and pants were purchased as a result of feedback and work continues towards the Phonics Project.

Marketing activity to spread the word and attract more funds and supporters - We have increased the number of sponsorships and the donated income as a result of our marketing.

Recruit additional Trustee - Two trustees were recruited, one in the UK and one in Uganda.

2019 was our first year as a registered charity and we are pleased with progress to date – but as always there is more to be done.

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