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February Newsletter

The farmers were pleased to receive the seeds, fertiliser – and more green watering cans and sprayers which were purchased with funds from our Christmas Appeal – they have sent the following message , ‘Thank you very much for everything. Thanks to 3H for your effort to causing change and development which is helping eliminating poverty and famine in our households.’

I mentioned before Christmas how proud we are that our first sponsored student, Zeu, has returned to Livingstone International University as a lecturer – and here she is teaching one of her first classes.

We also want to celebrate the success of another of our sponsored students, Philip. Usually we sponsor girls through tertiary education but Philip, who was a refugee from South Sudan impressed with his determination. Philip returned to South Sudan after gaining his 2:1 degree in IT and now both works as an IT Support Engineer and volunteers with Junubin Empowerment Organisation as a Programme Manager delivering IT training. He says, ‘I want to express my sincere gratitude for all you’ve done for my life and career. No words could possibly express how happy I was when I was informed that I had been chosen and sponsored by 3H to receive a full scholarship. I remember you as I reflect on how my dreams have come true since I left LIU’ His success seems to me down to his own hard work but good to hear from him!

The Primary Leaving Exam results have been published – the marks for each paper are aggregated and then the students are placed into a ‘Division’ according to achievement. Four is the lowest, one the highest and for the first time ever Jackie School had a pupil, Ibra Ngokho, in Division 1. A further 10 pupils were placed in Division 2 and 6 in Division 3. Even if the children don’t continue their education it is good to know they have achieved a level of proficiency in English and some knowledge of Maths, Science and Social Studies. Before 3H worked with Jackie School the children didn’t take the PLE – it is your support that has made this success possible – thank you for being there for the children.

Before the term started there was a work party in Kyemula to cut down two trees for use as firewood and to clean the water harvesting tank – and of course food had to be bought and brought to the village from Mbale.

This term there was one additional job which had to be done – Milton has acquired four piglets which are going to be looked after by the school pupils – he is hoping that this will both raise some income and help the children learn additional skills – we look forward to hearing how his project progresses.

Primary too And now the children are back!

The children are back at Bunyanga Bright Primary too - here they are queueing for lunch

And here they are in their classrooms.

Bunyanga Bright Primary is some way from the road so getting supplies delivered can be a problem – but many hands make light work. And just to complete the matching set – cutting down a tree for firewood!

My apologies for the additional length of this newsletter. I know Milton feels he has been working full time for 3H over the past couple of months as we have had so much going on – and I am sure Joseph has been feeling the pressure too.

I usually try to compress our news into one page as I know people prefer a brief update – but sometimes that just isn’t possible. It’ll be the usual format next month.

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