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February 2022

At long last we have been able to start distributing the footwear purchased with funds from the Step Up Challenge. Pictured are the farmers from Kyemula who were previously barefoot and who now have Wellington Boots.

New books, learning materials and school supplies have been delivered to both schools.

Providing breakfast is essential as many of the children won’t be given a meal at home, and some have a long walk to school.

In Namayili the Christmas Appeal funds will be used to support some of the parents (pictured at a meeting in the school) growing food for their families.

A different direction is being taken in Kyemula where most of the money will be spent on Eucalyptus saplings – they are pictured as seedlings at the nursery which will be big enough to transplant and take to the village in March. In addition[A1] , some money has been reserved to provide seeds etc for the older people.

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