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December newsletter

Mbale experienced torrential rain and floods on 23.11.19, The girls’ dormitories, some classrooms and offices at LIU were ruined, including examination papers, so the exams have been postponed and the students sent home. Our students were frightened but are all ok

The Primary Leaving Exams are an important milestone in children’s lives and determine whether they may move forward to secondary school or whether they should re-do the final year. Whilst not everyone from Jackie School will progress to secondary education a good deal of effort has been made to ensure that the candidates for the exams are as well prepared as possible. Rural schools typically do less well. The exams are very formal, held over two days in a centre where the teachers cannot have any contact with the children. Twenty pupils from the school, of whom 4 had sponsors, have sat the exams this year. The results will be published in February. Pictured are some of the candidates before they set off for the test centre.

Christmas came early as we combined a celebration of the end of the exams with the distribution of new pants – and some sodas and snacks.A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the purchase of the pants – as you can see the children were delighted.

It’s not too late to buy a ‘good gift’ – as described in last month’s newsletter. Lee, who designed our flyers and website has kindly produced appropriately celebratory gift cards - email us on and let us know what you would like to purchase.

📷 £5 provides 5 pairs of pants for three children –raising self-esteem and promoting dignity

📷 £10 provides 10 pairs of sandals to prevent jiggers and protect the children’s feet

📷 £20 provides menstrual cups for discreet protection to allow 4 girls to attend school regularly.

📷 £30 provides food parcels containing soap, salt, sugar and tea for 4 older villagers.

Pictured at the recent Livingstone International University graduation day are Sylvia and Diana. We are very grateful to both of them for the work they have been doing for 3H – having a local trustee and volunteer ‘on the spot’ is making a big difference – enabling our funds to go further and hopefully make a bigger difference.

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