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August 22 newsletter

Diana was able to visit Namayili in July– she got an enthusiastic reception at the school and was able to talk to a number of the teachers. It is clear that the children have fallen behind after the long lockdown and that we need to support the teachers to enable them to improve the learning outcomes in the early years – firstly for the children to learn English and then to learn to read competently. To this end we have booked another phonics course for the nursery and P1-P3 teachers from Read for Life which will take place just before next term starts.We will include a few of the early years’ team from Kyemula who didn’t attend the previous course.

The pictures demonstrate the difference between the two classroom blocks at Bunyanga Bright School. As we are well aware shoes are essential on the dirt floors to avoid jiggers.

You may have seen in the news and on our Facebook page that the area around Mbale was hit by flash floods at the very beginning of August – Milton encountered a swollen river en- route to preach on the Sunday morning and sent me photo’s of partially submerged buildings.

Several rivers burst their banks, cars were swept away and a number of people drowned.In Kyemula there was some damage to crops but no houses were destroyed and no-one died, similarly in Namayili there were minor landslips and damage to the fields. It took a while for the flood water to recede and for people to be able to clear start clearing up.

On a happier note Diana shared a photo of the new student 3H will be sponsoring at LIU this year. She is the oldest in a family of three. The boy in the photo is the youngest in the family, he’s in P6. Sarah's parents are subsistence farmers and her father is disabled. The father used to make bricks but this started affecting his back and he also developed kidney problems so he had to stop. Sarah’s secondary education was made possible by a sponsor and although she completed school in 2018 she couldn't continue to university because there was no one to pay for her. Sarah is delighted to be sponsored at LIU and hopes to become a teacher.

Our other sponsored students did well in their end of year exams, and have also enjoyed their internships during the holidays – both Hilda and Priscilla are back at LIU ready for their final year.

As always there are many problems to solve and issues to look at – we are delighted that Chris will be visiting Uganda next month – with a list of queries and questions asked by the trustees.If there is anything about our projects you would like him to ask please email us –

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