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August 2019 newsletter

In Uganda, as in the UK, University years end in July so our sponsored students have departed for the holidays. Philip, who has now returned to South Sudan, and Sylvia who is volunteering with 3H, have completed their studies. Results due next month! Moreen achieved a 2.1 in her end of year exams – but most importantly has loved teaching practise, and Priscilla, who has just completed her first year at Livingstone International University studying Media Technology did brilliantly – if she keeps this up she may even get a first! L-R Priscilla, Moreen, Sylvia, Philip and Diana having supper with Chris in Mbale

Our new sponsored student joining the university to study for a BA in Education will be Hilda – we look forward to getting to know her and supporting her to reach her dream. Here is Hilda’s story: She is the fourth born in a family of four. Her parents separated when Hilda was very young, her mother left the children with their paternal grandparents. Hilda says she suspects he mother is mentally ill. The first born got married at a young age due to the situation at home while the second born stays at home to take care of the grandparents. The father is an alcoholic and is rarely at home. After her primary education, Hilda left Kaberamaido, her hometown, to go the bigger town of Soroti where she started working as a househelp. The family she was helping would pay her secondary school fees instead of paying her cash. After Senior 4 in 2015, she took a break for a year in 2016 where she again worked as a househelp and was able to raise fees for Senior 5 to Senior 6. She looks forward to the next chapter of her life

A few weeks ago Chris and I were invited to attend the annual presentation evening at Telford Netball Club – the club had collected kit and equipment for the school in Kyemula and invited us to be their guest speakers. The girls were very interested to learn about life in Kyemula. We came back with a car packed to the gunnels with bags and boxes. We are very grateful to all concerned. If you have any similar contacts or know of clubs and groups who might be interested in supporting 3H please let us know – we can provide you with a power point presentation, and flyers if you are happy to talk to them – or we may be able to attend an event – please give us plenty of notice!

Village Story: Beckham is 15 – he is in Primary 7 and comes from Busia – just outside Kyemula – where he lives with his maternal grandparents, his mother, brother and an aunt. He has never met his father. His Aunt brews malwa (beer made from fermented millet) and in exchange for his help, she pays his school fees. Beckham says, ‘I fetch the water, clean the jerry cans, take malwa to the customers. My mother couldn’t pay the fees so since Primary 3 I have worked to be able to stay in school.’ Beckham would like to learn carpentry when he leaves school. Incidentally malwa is traditionally drunk through long straws from shared calabashes – more often now from shared plastic buckets! And yes, this is a mainly male preserve!

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