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October 23 Newsletter

The children at both schools are enjoying the benefits of new school supplies, school lunches and, of course, a good education – including PE lessons – Jackie Nursery below and then older children at Bunyanga Bright Primary.

Some of you may remember that a while ago we purchased a number of tiny eucalyptus saplings for Kyemula – some were distributed to individual farmers whilst others were planted in stands to provide windbreaks and shade – they have reached a good height already.

The cassava bushes have also been subdivided and shared around the village – the recent very dry weather has meant that the leaves are less vibrantly green than hitherto but we hope the crop of tubers will be unaffected as this crop provides a very useful alternative to maize and is ready when the maize supplies are finished.

More good news is that when the rain did eventually arrive it was plentiful and Milton is hopeful that there will be a good second harvest, albeit somewhat delayed.

Our sponsored students, Hilda and Priscilla have both graduated with 1st Class degrees – to put this in context there were 82 students graduating, 11 of whom achieved a 1st. We send congratulations to them both – and also to Diana, pictured centre, who selected them as being good candidates for our support. These students have overcome the odds to succeed being from families who were unable to give them the opportunity they wanted – without 3H they would not have been able to study at LIU.

As always we are so grateful for your continued support – and hope you might also enable us to give all the children in Kyemula and Namayili and the older people we support in Kyemula a Christmas meal and some edible treats – this will cost 5 million ugx - £1089 – we can provide gift certificates- just email with the details you would like included and we will respond!

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