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November 22 Newsletter

The Primary Leaving Exams take place at the beginning of November, Jackie School had its largest ever cohort with 27 pupils – 5 of whom are sponsored children. Prior to the exams the children had a leaving assembly at school to which parents were invited...

And a special service at the church.

The boys, in orange, lining up to enter the examination centre – the girls went in separately. We await the results!!! For those wondering, Bunyanga Bright Primary doesn’t yet have a P7 class so had no candidates this year.

Jackie School now has over 350 pupils so needed more desks.

We are grateful to Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club for their support in funding them.

We have received some further generous donations to enable us to buy additional shoes for children in both schools who still lack footwear. Milton went to Tororo market to buy 68 pairs of shoes for the nursery children

As a precautionary measure against the spread of Ebola President Museveni has decided to close all schools two weeks early at the end of November - we will be funding a special meal at both schools for the final day.

The farmers in Namayili have had an initial meeting with Zukuka Bora who are a local coffee growing social enterprise – there’s a lot of work still to do but we are hoping that there will be a pilot project to grow coffee in the village. In Kyemula many of the farmers have worn out their hoes and more want to join the project.

So, we are raising money to extend and develop our farming projects this Christmas. We have gift certificates to email or send as ‘good gifts.

£10 buys a farmer a hoe and a watering can – the basic tools each farmer needs

£20 buys a selection of maize, bean, cabbage and onion seeds – the basic foods in each garden

£50 buys a spray pump and fertiliser for a group of farmers to share.

Just email us to let us know which gift certificates you would like. Payment can be made by bank transfer or via the donate button on our website.

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