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May newsletter 2024

Milton  that reported, ‘ Most crops have been affected with  the Fall Army Worm and due to too much rain - but now they are improving through sustainability through buying  insecticides and fertiliser’.  It’s so good to see the farmers working co-operatively together to purchase the needed pesticides and fertilisers – and to see the spray kits are still in good order. Until a couple of years ago there would not have been cash within the village to buy what was needed. I hope the maize and beans survive after the prompt attention. Milton says the cassava and soya beans are also growing well.

For the first time we are running a Holiday Lunch Club at Jackie School to ensure that the children are OK when the school isn’t open.  So many lack anyone to care for them or provide regular meals – now we will offer some support and be able to check on their welfare.  At the first session Milton brought in four older boys who have been though similar hard times to talk to the children about ‘fellowship through community’ and act as role models.

On the second week of the lunch club the children split into small groups and had activities based on their ages – some of the older ones planted eucalyptus saplings which will eventually provide a windbreak.

An end of month update – the pesticide worked and the maize is now growing well. Some children from P7 visited some of the fields to add urea fertiliser on Monday when they returned to school.

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