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June newsletter

Pictured above are the nursery children queuing for breakfast at Jackie School – they receive a mug of ‘posho’ which is maize porridge.  Many of the children walk quite a way to school so having breakfast when they arrive is a good basis for learning.

Milton has reported that the sponsored children have been given ‘scholastic materials’ including books, pens, and pencils. He has also provided each of them with soap, moisturising cream and a container of soap powder to wash their uniform!

The children are also back in Bunyanga Bright Primary – here they are lined up for assembly.

The delivery driver seemingly went beyond door-to-door as he is visibly inside one of the classrooms bringing a sack of maize, beans, cooking oil, salt and tea leaves! Posho for breakfast here too!

There is a national epidemic of ‘red eye’ in Uganda which has reached Kyemula but not Namayili.  The children received treatment at the health clinic we held on 11th June – and many were also treated for scabies, ringworm and intestinal worms.

With 500 children registered at Jackie School it’s a big undertaking for the nurse to see them all – but the children were happy queuing, although they don’t understand the social distancing the government advises to prevent ‘red eye’ being spread! We have also enhanced the handwashing facilities and provided more soap and washing powder in line with government guidance – there’s always another need!– and a further expense!             

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