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June 2023 Newsletter

The week before each term begins we send the sponsorship money to both schools.Our contribution funds the teachers’ salaries, learning materials and food for the school meals.Getting everything delivered is a major feat of logistics especially in Namayili as the road does not pass the school.Fortunately, the children are always willing to lend a hand, or head, as they look forward to discovering what’s in the boxes.

. They seem very excited by the new books and I am so pleased to see that almost all the children are wearing their shoes!

The pits under the latrines at Jackie School used by the girls and female teachers are almost full which poses a problem.The latrines were built when we had far fewer pupils and the 25ft pits are not designed to be emptied. We have decided it is time to put in septic tanks which can be emptied when they are full.As sometimes happens sorting out the alternatives has been complicated by our different understanding of what is meant by a certain term – a Ugandan septic tank is concrete as seen below and is emptied via a hatch – see above

It’s an expensive option and will involve a continued running cost for the emptying the tank each term – but it seems better than having to rebuild and use up more land each time. Our plan is also to increase the number of latrines to reflect the larger school roll. We would welcome any donations as this is an expense we did not have in this year’s budget.

Diana has visited both schools this month to talk to the girls about sexual health and distribute menstrual cups to those who need them. It’s important that girls don’t miss their education when they have a period and the menstrual cups have provided an excellent solution.

As always there is lots to do, plus it’s almost harvest time

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