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July newsletter

Half way through 2019 already - which seems like a good time to review our 2019 Action Plan. Banking and Gift Aid are now sorted and we have received the first payment. We have more support on the ground now in Uganda

with Diana on the Board of Trustees and Sylvia helping monitor the projects. The Water Harvesting Project has been completed and the tank is full. The first tranche of menstrual cups has been distributed, 104 pairs of sandals delivered to protect the children from getting jiggers and training in teaching phonics is being arranged - so the new projects agreed after Chris’s visit are being progressed – these projects have been started using the Gift Aid income. If you haven’t yet registered to Gift Aid your donations to 3H please consider doing so – it really makes a difference.

We have also worked hard on developing marketing materials, people can now donate via the website and we have three very professional flyers to distribute. The priority now has to be increasing our reach and gaining more sponsors and donors. It would be amazing if all our existing sponsors could think how they could spread the word about 3H – we have a list of children needing sponsors so perhaps you know someone who might be interested? Or maybe people where you work, where your children go to school or at a club you belong to might be interested in raising money at an event? We are happy to offer support – there is a power point presentation available, flyers and even pens with the 3H logo to give away! Email us with ideas!

Village Stories: Moreen is 14 and a new pupil in primary seven – she came to Jackie School as she was not doing well at her previous school and thinks she will do better here. She would like to progress well enough to go to secondary school. Moreen dreams of becoming a nurse. Her father works in construction and her mother farms so her parents are able to pay her school fees. Moreen loves playing netball and is so happy that the school has proper bibs. The biggest challenge, Moreen told Zeu, was sanitary pads because she used to feel she should share the packs her mother bought her with other girls who didn’t have any. In doing this interview Moreen was one of the girls who spoke up and asked whether we could help with provision to manage the girls’ feminine hygiene needs. We are delighted that Moreen and some of the other girls voiced their needs and that we were able to supply menstrual cups to enable them to cope better.

The new term started in June – with new uniforms and stationery for all the sponsored children. Thanks for your continued support! Karen, Chris, Kieran, Laurence, Mike and Diana – 3H Trustees.

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