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Christmas 2022 Newsletter

Kamayiya Kekhusalikha Kesangalo

(Which is Happy Christmas in Lugisu)

Every good party starts with preparing the food ...

...and making sure you have enough drink – everyone in Kyemula loves ‘soda’.

First you queue for the buffet...

...and then after the eating comes the dancing…..

It was a similar process in Namayili on Saturday 17th December… first the truck was loaded with food and drinks..

...and then everything was carried into the village.

The meal was cooked....

...eaten and enjoyed!

The children who had previously missed out also received their shoes at the party- no-one took a photo - we only had a video!

One final piece of really good news, hot off the press. Zeu, who was 3H’s first sponsored student at Livingstone International University, has achieved her dream – she has been appointed to lecture on the Communications course at LIU. Zeu told us she wanted to be a role model for other girls who might not believe they could change their lives through studying – and now she definitely will be. We have always said our role is to listen and enable so it’s brilliant to see Zeu doing so well.

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