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August 2023 Newsletter

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On a more serious note we have often mentioned how many families in Uganda have been devastated by AIDS – in Kyemula many children are cared for by grandparents because of this scourge. Now it appears that the statistics are indicating a change in the demographic with approximately 570 young women across the country between 15-24 becoming infected by HIV every week. This means 4/5 new infections are in young women. Some of the infections are vertical mother to child transmission but all too many are caused by men and boys having unprotected sex with teenagers. 25% of 15-19 year old girls have had a child… These statistics have become very real to us in the last month as a former pupil at Jackie School was found in very sad circumstances by Milton – she was hiding away from people because of the stigma of AIDS. Milton took her to get medical help and we have been providing the foods she needs to be able to cope with the antiretroviral drugs she has been prescribed. The medical prognosis is not good as she also has TB but at least she now the appropriate treatment. Mariam is 15…..she’s looking a lot better in the picture below now that she has food, medication and support.

Joseph has reported that after two years’ incessant use the cooking pot used for making posho for the children’s lunch has worn out and needed replacement. He also purchased some beans – in the sack – for the last few weeks of term. The pupils at Bunyanga Bright have completed their end of term exams and reports will be distributed soon.

Milton reports a good harvest in Kyemula – he has already been able to buy maize and beans from local farmers for next term’s school meals. It’s good when we can put cash into the village economy. He also shared this picture of the piglets – now pigs – which the school has been caring for.

I am hoping we will be able to update everyone on the latrines for Kyemula next month – we have our fingers crossed that a funding bid will be successful in raising the remainder of the money needed.As always we are so grateful for your continued support

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