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September 21 Newsletter

We are delighted that all 17 of the candidate class from Jackie School passed their Primary Leaving Exams – including 4 of our sponsored children. This is the best result ever, we congratulate both children and teaching staff for achieving this when the school was closed for so much of the year. Sadly, President Museveni is enforcing the current school lockdown beyond the original 42 days. Fortunately, the recent harvest means there is food in both villages. The children in Namayili helped with the harvest, using the school to process the maize. We have now bought beans and maize from the farmers in Namayili to store for school meals as we did last month in Kyemula giving them cash to buy next season’s supplies.

While Jackie School is closed we are rebuilding the decrepit kitchen – something which has been needed for a while.

And here is the new one!

We have also bought more supplies for the balondo (albino) children whilst we continue to seek sponsors for their ongoing needs

And some clothes, soap and wash basins for the sponsored children. As Milton says, ‘The clothes that they have are little and after this long period of 42 days then adding more - sincerely they are going to be naked.’ Usually we would have bought school uniform at the start of term… We still have a number of children needing sponsorship, especially in Namayili, if you know anyone who might be interested please get in touch.

Whilst I try to fit as many photo’s into each newsletter you will be able to see more images and video clips if you follow our Facebook page - .Sharing our posts is also an excellent way to spread the word and encourage more people to become sponsors or donate to the charity.

I know it’s early but we need to plan ahead! Our Christmas Appeal this year will be to increase the number of farmers supported by our successful farming project – as usual we will be asking sponsors and donors to consider sending ‘good gifts’ – the concept is simple – your gift buys something which is much needed rather than a conventional, and possibly unwanted present. It costs £125 to provide a village farmer with tools, fertiliser and good quality seeds – and you have seen the difference it makes. We will be offering a range of good gifts at different price points – more details to follow next month…

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