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March 2023 Newsletter

Only very rarely do we feature a single child in our newsletter or on Facebook but recently Milton contacted us to say a child had been ‘dropped off’ in Kyemula and urgent help was needed. Peace is balondo (albino) but, sadly, had not received appropriate care for her special needs. As we support other balondo children Milton was able to immediately provide the special skin creams needed – and nutritious food. Peace is now living with some of the other orphaned children in the community home and is settling into Jackie School. We are very grateful to one of our existing sponsors who saw the Facebook post and offered to sponsor Peace. It’s so sad that balondo children are neglected because of the stigma attached to their appearance – but hopefully Peace will flourish in a caring community.

The children in Bunyanga Bright Primary have been harvesting and eating the sweet potatoes they have grown – a delicious change from the usual diet.

Although the children in Jackie School are very happy with their lunches of posho and beans!

The parents in Kyemula, and Namayili, are almost all illiterate and do not always appreciate the benefits that attending school regularly can give, Milton recently invited the parents of the children who have just joined the nursery class into school so he could talk to them and make sure they are fully behind the school’s ethos.

Our latest fundraising champion is Jacob Owen who is running a marathon as part of his psychology degree and to raise funds for 3H – you can donate via his Give As You Live Page: We wish Jacob all the best for his exertions on 20th May! If you, or anyone you know is thinking of a similar challenge we would be delighted to support your fundraising.

This photo of the children crossing the courtyard to get their lunch at Jackie School reminds me of the paintings of LS Lowry…oddly!

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