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January 21 Newsletter

We have traditionally given the older people in Kyemula Christmas gifts of salt, sugar, tea and soap – things they are unable to obtain without cash. 59 of them gathered together for tea, snacks and presents just before Christmas. Milton says that everyone was joyful and appreciative.

During 2020 we became very concerned about the amount of 3H money being spent on food aid and decided that it would be more productive to see if we could find ways to improve food production and crop yields so that both Kyemula and Namayili can become more self-sufficient.

After some research and investigation, we decided to pilot the provision of additional tools, fertilisers, pesticides and seeds.The supplies pictured above are some of the items to be distributed to 50 farmers in Kyemula – similar items will be provided in Namayili where we have also rented some additional land.

The planting season is almost upon us so we had to move fast to get this project started. We are just hoping that there are no adverse weather conditions in early 2021 – sometimes there can be floods or drought – so fingers crossed!

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