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December 2020 Newsletter

We are delighted that the environmentally friendly stoves we have purchased from Aid Africa for both schools have been delivered – although not without some difficulties for the truck in reaching Namayili!

These stoves:

Emit many fewer particulates (smoke)

Reduce the time spent collecting firewood

Decrease diseases caused by smoke and gases

Reduce the risk of burns

Reduce the risk of fire

Take half the time to cook

Are easier to use - Good for everyone

Sadly things in Uganda are so often derailed by the weather – strong winds and heavy rain have not only destroyed one of the latrines but also devastated the trees and bananas planted as cash crops around the Community Home in Kyemula. This reinforces the need to improve the ability of the people in the villages to grow more food. Rather than spend precious resources on a project which the local people were not sure met their needs we are buying seeds, fertilisers and new tools to help in the imminent planting season and will continue to seek an appropriate provider of training and mentoring.

Thank you if you have already donated to the Christmas blanket appeal. We have the funds in place to buy 342 of the needed 455 blankets. Lee has designed gift certificates which can be sent to you either as attachments or as physical certificates if you are planning to give ‘good gifts’ to family and friends. Please make your donations via bank transfer and e-mail with queries or requests for gift certificates .As usual we will also be sending some basic food stuffs, salt, sugar, tea and soap to some of the older people in Kyemula.

2020 has been a challenging year around the world with many unexpected problems to face for everyone. Whilst Covid 19 prevented us from doing a number of the things we planned 3H has been able to respond constructively to the issues which have confronted the people we support in Kyemula and Namayili. It is your commitment to supporting 3H which has enabled us to continue to make a difference. We hope that schools will re-open in January and that the children will soon be able to benefit from returning to structured learning. 31st December is the end of our operational year which means we will be reviewing what we have achieved and planning for 2021 – we will share both soon. I hope that despite the restrictions and worries about the pandemic everyone is able to enjoy some Christmas festivities – both here and in Uganda. Best wishes for a peaceful, healthy and safe 2021 from the trustees of 3H, Karen, Chris, Mike, Laurence, Kieran, Diana and Terri

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