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Christmas Update 2021

Although 2021 has been another year adversely affected for everyone by the continuing pandemic we have continued to support the villages of Kyemula and Namayili, initiating a successful farming project to increase self sufficiency and improving the village infrastructure by repairing and enhancing the school buildings. The repair work in Namayili on the second classroom block is almost complete.

We have also recognised the need to support the balondo (albino) children in both villages. We look forward to seeing all the children back in school on 3rd January

Livingstone International University went online enabling the students to continue their courses.Moreen Mukhaye successfully completed her degree, obtaining a 2:1 in Education specialising in History and Computing.

After the graduation Diana organised a lunch for all our sponsored students to wish her well – and to welcome Everline to the group as the online learning had meant she hadn’t met any other students in person! Pictured left to right, Everline, Hilda, Moreen, Priscilla and Diana who, as well as being a 3H trustee, is the sponsorship administrator at LIU.

.3H has traditionally provided the older people in Kyemula with Christmas gifts of sugar, salt, tea and soap – and paid for a community meal for those who would not otherwise have any Christmas celebration.The older people will receive their gifts on 21st December but the party was held early as food prices rise in the run-up to the holiday.Over 300 people packed into the open area outside the school with tents erected to give some shade

Our gift certificates can be emailed to the lucky recipients so there is still time to contribute to the Christmas Appeal, full details are on the website: – We will reveal the total raised in the next newsletter. Thanks to everyone who has contributed – and thanks to everyone who has continued to support 3H during 2021. Your support has meant that our beneficiaries have survived the many adversities life in rural Eastern Uganda has thrown at them – and we hope 2022 will be a better year for everyone.

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