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April 2022 Newsletter

Following the success of our 2021 Step Challenge we are doing it again this year – but this time to raise funds for underwear for the children in Kyemula and Namayili. The details are on our website: There is a donation button on the page which takes the donor to our Give As You Live event page: - which we hope will make things easier! We also have an event specific email for the Step Challenge: for any queries and to request a participant pack. A schools’ pack is also available……Please join in and encourage your friends and family to walk.

The rain which usually falls in March to germinate the newly planted seeds is very late this year.In Kyemula the new crops which had started to grow have been destroyed by the return of the army-worm which is eating all the new growth.We have sent funds to purchase additional pesticides and more seeds so that the farmers can treat the fields, prepare them again and re-plant.We just hope the second sowing will not be affected in the same way.

As it is colder in Namayili the children were sowing their seeds in early April – we hope the rain comes at the right time for them and that thearmy worms don’t attack.Update! Good news – the seeds have germinated!

Term ended immediately before Easter – reports will be emailed to sponsors in due course. The first picture shows the sponsored children in Kyemula and the second picture shows as many of the Jackie School children as could cram into the shot!

Bunayanga Bright ended term with an open air assembly – the children are listening to the head teacher.

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