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May 2020 newsletter

As you all be aware the Ugandan government moved swiftly to lockdown the country and have recently extended the period of restrictions by a further 21 days until 5th May. The education minister has confirmed schools will remain closed without specifying a potential date for them to re-open. We have been able to maintain regular contact with Diana, Milton and Joseph to ensure that we are aware of specific problems and have been able to fund additional food to support both Kyemula and Namayili villages – a huge thankyou to all our kind sponsors and donors who responded to our appeal for support. We will continue to monitor what is happening and if necessary will provide funding for further food supplies.

Before the crisis we had initiated two building projects – latrines for Bunyanga Bright Primary School and repairs to the community home in Kyemula. The repairs to the community home have been completed – but work on the latrines is temporarily halted. As you can see a good start has been made and hopefully the building work can resume soon.

The older residents of Kyemula collected maize flour and dried beans last week and asked Milton to thank everyone for thinking of them – Milton assures me they only stood close together briefly so he could take the photo!

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