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February Newsletter

Milton sent best wishes for the New Year to all sponsors and donors together with this photo of people in Kyemula after the Christmas service – everyone is dressed up and looking very smart.

The school year is aligned with the calendar year in Uganda so the term which started on 27th January is Term 1. We have been working on the school budget over the holidays – planning ahead is always difficult because we are often de-railed by emergencies but we are trying to find a way of putting aside money for the dull but necessary items like maintenance and building repairs.

Part of the work on the budget has included pricing the school meals – I thought you might be interested to know what some foods cost in Mbale. The basic diet in the village is posho – maize meal cooked to the consistency of porridge – most people grow some maize. This is supplemented by beans and greens – also usually home grown. We are paying 2000ugx (41p) a kilo for maize flour, 3200ugx (66p) a kilo for beans and 1000ug (21p) for greens at the moment but the prices rise whenever there are shortages. Our food bill for providing breakfast and lunch for the school accounts for about one third of the cost of running the school. Some families contribute food to the school instead of paying fees in cash

As always, thanks to everyone for making this possible – the children really do appreciate your support. We have eight additonal children waiting for sponsors so if you know anyone who might be interested please spread the word. Email for details.

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