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May 2023 Newsletter

We received some very sad news from Milton at the end of last month. Loyce who was one of the first people to move into the community home had died at the age of 92 – she was the oldest person living in Kyemula. Loyce had 16 children and, sadly, survived them all. She was still caring for the two boys left by her youngest son who died in 2018. We will be supporting her youngest grandson who is in P6. Chris had met Loyce on each of his visits and she regularly appeared in Milton’s photo’s ….

More good news about our Livingstone International University students – this is Moreen who graduated last year with a 2:1 in Education. Moreen has secured a post teaching at a secondary school in Mbale fulfilling her aim of being a role model for girls. Before being appointed to a paid post Moreen had to volunteer as an intern – during which time she

was supported financially by people from her local church. We are so pleased that she has now obtained paid employment – we never doubted she would but it wasn’t straightforward.

We are delighted to report that 20 farmers from Namayili have received training in how to grow coffee successfully from the trainers at Zukuka Bora Coffee Co-operative.The team will maintain contact with the farmers and return in September to buy ripe coffee berries in September – the trainers reported that the farmers seemed engaged and hope that the initiative will be successful

In Kyemula the continued rain has been beneficial, the maize, underplanted with beans, is doing well.Milton attributes this in part to the use of fertilisers provided by 3H.

Milton also reported that the pigs are fattening nicely!

The children have been on holiday from school for most of May – they will return on 22nd. We hope sponsors appreciated the school reports – and the frankness of the teachers’ comments!

End of term at Jackie School - and Bunyanga Bright Primary

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