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Kyemula October update

Micro Credit Scheme

The small micro-credit scheme in Kyemula continues to be well-used. During the past year villagers have taken out loans to the value of 2.6 million ugx (£532) to develop small businesses growing crops such as bananas and tomatoes. Usually the loans are paid back with 10% interest so there should have been 260,00ugx profit to share but sadly three of the members had problems with sickness and death which reduced this to 200,00ugx (£40). The profits are shared out annually between members. Milton feels that there is unmet demand for the scheme so we are considering adding to the ‘pot’.

This together with a number of other issues will form the basis for a planning meeting when Chris is in Kyemula in February. The problem for us is that as Milton puts it, ‘the needs, at times, just appear, and when we are not aware it becomes a crisis.’

Christmas in Kyemula

In the past we have provided funds for Kyemula to celebrate Christmas and Milton has arranged simple, useful gifts for the children and older people and a special meal for everyone. We would prefer not to send individual gifts to the sponsored children as can be hard on those who have very little but are not sponsored. The gifts we give – and which are most needed – are salt, sugar and soap. If you would like to send a card to your sponsored child I can give you the postal address – but post early as it can take a very long time for post to arrive!

Milton is keen to increase the amount of sports equipment available to the children – he would really like to be able to erect some football goals but as the cost of buying the necessary 82 metres of metal pipework to make 4 sets of goal posts would be £150 before we even think about nets I think we will probably have to content ourselves with more balls and other small equipment – even footballs are expensive in Uganda costing around £20 each. It is really hard to choose to spend precious funds on items which are not necessities when there is so much poverty – but we do also want to increase the quality of life for children who have so little. So, if anyone would like to make a donation towards achieving this aim we would be delighted – it would be good to spread some Christmas cheer.

And in the meantime – term has just started – here are the sponsored children and this is the message Milton sent to accompany the pictures:

"Hi Madam Karen, I hope everyone over there is good. I want to send a word of thanks from the schoolteachers and children at large for the good work done. I hope you can learn from the faces of the children and their head teacher, our thanks and love to our dear sponsors."

Chris and I can only echo that sentiment!

Karen and Chris

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