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June 2022 newsletter

The cassava is ready to harvest. Milton sent me these photo’s of Beatrice, one of the farmers who has been growing it for the first time. The tubers are dug up, cleaned and peeled, then boiled. The stems can now be shared with more farmers so that the village is less dependent on maize.

The maize and beans are looking better in Namayili now that they have received fertiliser. Both Milton and Joseph are concerned that the bad weather earlier in the growing season will mean a smaller harvest which may mean that the farmers will not have surplus crops to sell to the schools. We will have to wait and see….

Following last month’s photo of breakfast time at Jackie School here are the children at Bunyanga Bright Primary queuing for their porridge – most of them are wearing shoes!

The sponsored girls at Jackie School have all received new uniform dresses – and so nice to see they are all wearing their shoes!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our Step-Challenge to raise money to buy underwear for the children. Despite fewer walkers and fewer steps than last year we have still realised a magnificent £900. There’s still time to donate as we can always buy more pants!!

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