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July 2023 Newsletter

The nursery class do a lot of outdoor learning – this is a PE class but as well as dancing they are singing and learning English – very few, if any, of the children’s parents speak English but all teaching is in English – which is why we are so keen on phonics to help them master speaking and understanding the language.

Maybe some of these children will equal the achievements of our sponsored students at Livingstone International University one day – all the girls we sponsor come from deprived backgrounds and have had to strive to get where they are. We have just heard that Hilda and Priscilla (on the left) will graduate this year with 1st Class degrees – these are externally moderated degrees from an American university - so no mean feat! - whilst Everline and Sarah (to the right) also both achieved excellent marks in their first year exams.

50 Farmers from Kyemula have attended a two-day course called Farming God’s Way which has demonstrated good practice in a number of areas including ensuring all the seeds they plant are viable.

As you can see the farmers also enjoyed the refreshment breaks – we provided breakfast and lunch – sharing information and learning informally from the tutors who ran the course.

Teaching is in English in Uganda because of the multiplicity of local languages and dialects – in Kyemula they speak Lugiso and thank you is ‘wanyala’. But in any language we want to say a huge thank you to the sponsors and regular donors who have responded to our plea for support with replacing the school latrines in Kyemula.Your generosity is so much appreciated.We still have a way to go to fund the installation of septic tanks –but we now have a firm price from an engineer who will undertake the work. And special thanks to Diana, our trustee on the ground, who has helped massively with contacts and negotiating skills.

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