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February 21 Newsletter

The trustees of 3H have set their objectives and priorities for 2021 which are to:

1 Increase the sponsorship programme

2 Progress the new farming project

3 Develop the schools based projects for phonics and menstrual cups

On December 29th Milton assembled the farmers who are going to take part in our initiative to increase crop yields and improve self-sufficiency to explain to them about the new crops they will be growing and how to use the fertiliser and pesticides –most people are illiterate so cannot read the instructions on the packaging. As you can see there was a lot of enthusiasm for the new equipment and people were keen to get started

We had a couple of generous donations after we had purchased all the blankets and have just sent Milton the money to repair the damaged latrines – schools must have separate facilities for boys and girls so until this is done the school cannot re-open.

It was hoped that schools would reopen on 25.1.21 after the election but to date there hasn’t been an announcement. Fortunately the election seems to have passed fairly peacefully and while the internet was switched off for five days there was no disruption in Mbale. With President Museveni re-elected there is no expectation of policy change

We are keen to widen the reach of 3H and are putting together some fundraising and marketing plans to try to attract more sponsors and donors. If you visit our website, you will see it has been updated to make it easier to donate online and to showcase this years’ projects. Big thanks to our volunteer Lee for doing this. If you have friends, family members or work colleagues who may be interested in supporting 3H please ask them to contact us via the website or our email If each person who receives the newsletter forwarded it to one additional person that would be an excellent start!

Terri has put together a schools’ pack with a Powerpoint presentation and a Teacher’s Resource Pack – please contact us if you have a school contact who might be interested in doing a project on Uganda. Again email or forward this newsletter to anyone you think may be interested.

Did you know that the total number of recorded Covid infections in Uganda is just over 38,500 with 305 deaths? A colleague who recently visited her mother in Gulu, Northern Uganda commented how diligent people were, all shops had temperature guns and handwashing was required before entering….I’m not sure things are so organised in the rural areas but food for thought…

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