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Corona Virus Update

President Museveni introduced travel and assembly restrictions across Uganda on 20th March which closed all schools and universities, stopped public transport and forbade religious services for 30 days. However, the children were gathered together before they left school to hear the instructions sent by President Museveni. The students at Livingstone International University all returned to their villages. In Kyemula thirty-two children without parents are staying in the community home and being looked after by the older people there. Milton arranged for meals to continue to be provided using the school supplies. Twenty-six of these are sponsored children.

Both Milton and Joseph told us they were concerned that the villages needed to improve facilities for hand washing in line with government recommendations and, also that they were concerned about food supplies as prices were rising and there were reports of shortages in the shops and markets.

Over the weekend we transferred 2 million ugx (£400) to each of them to purchase soap and food. Milton immediately went to Mbale and managed to achieve this and has already begun distributing the washing materials.Sadly, Joseph has not yet been able to transport anything to Namayili and yesterday evening President Museveni introduced more severe limitations on travel and gatherings for the next 14 days to try to prevent the spread of the virus which will make this a more difficult task.Vehicles may now only transport things and can no longer carry people.We are hopeful Joseph will soon be able to find a solution to the problem.

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