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April Newsletter

Our current sponsored students, from left to right, Hilda, Priscilla, Everline and Sarah, at Livingstone International University in Mbale all sing in the university choir – they are pictured before a recent concert in their ‘Melodies’ uniforms. Priscilla and Hilda are in their final year while Everline and Sarah are both first years. All our sponsored students have shown huge commitment to gain a place at university despite difficult home situations and poverty so we are very proud of them. Although we hold a number of academic sponsorships the annual cost of their living expenses is considerable so we are very grateful to the sponsors who help make this possible. Next semester we will welcome two additional students, Peace, and, below, Esther – both of whom will be studying IT.

Society in Uganda privileges men – which is why we think it vital to educate girls. Despite the fact that legally a man can only have one wife in Uganda comparatively few people have a legal marriage. Mostly a man will visit the father of the woman he wants to ‘marry’ and pay a ‘bride price’ then undergo ‘traditional rites’ – and there is nothing to stop him repeating this with other women subsequently. If he has land they may then occupy separate houses within the same compound. And very sadly the man may then abandon his wives and any children he has fathered. Despite being a Christian country the traditional acceptance of polygamy means that the behaviour isn’t frowned upon – and very many children grow up with a single mother struggling to cope.

All charities are required to provide an annual return to the Charity Commission including their accounts. We have just uploaded our 2022 return which can be found on the Charity Commission website: Thanks to Cameron, one of our sponsors, who is a certified auditor for doing our audit again – as always we are grateful to all the sponsors and friends of 3H who support the charity by offering their valuable services free of charge.

Milton says that for once the rains came at the right time and have continued throughout March and into April so the maize has germinated well and is growing strongly – and, so far, there are no signs of insect infestation. The farmers will start weeding between the maize plants next.

This year 21 pupils from the P7 class at Jackie School have been registered for the Primary Leaving Exams – some of them are pictured having breakfast. We will be receiving reports for the sponsored children very soon as the term ends at the end of the month.

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