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Crops for Christmas


3H wants to involve more of the community in Kyemula and Namayili in our farming project – and you can help by purchasing ‘good gifts’ for your family and friends at Christmas.


Your donation will provide a farmer with the tools to increase the yield from their garden – and if they grow more food than they can eat 3H will purchase the surplus for meals at the schools – making a virtuous circle – as the farmers will then have cash to buy supplies for the next growing season.

What gifts can I purchase?

  • £10 buys a hoe and a watering can – the basic tools needed by each farmer.

  • £20 buys a selection of good quality maize, bean, cabbage and onion seeds – the basic foods grown in each garden.

  • £50 buys a spray pump and fertiliser for a small group of farmers to share

How to purchase gifts

To purchase good gifts please email 

and include the below information

  • Which gifts you would like to purchase

  • Name and address to receive your gift certificate

  • Desired payment method. Payments can be via our donation link click here or via bank transfer, details shared via email confirmation.

100% of donations goes to our beneficiaries as all admin costs are paid by the trustees.

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