2020 Projects 

It has always been our intention to widen the sphere of operation of 3H and we are delighted to announce that our trustees have agreed to support Chance Nabweya, a community organisation working in Namayili, a village near Mbale which is even more remote than Kyemula.


Unlike many large aid agencies which have an agenda of their own, we believe in enabling people and communities to achieve their chosen goals.  The work we have done so far has been guided by the conversations and planning sessions we have had with local people. To maintain all we have achieved, our work requires continued investment, so please click here to see how you can help. If your company, school, or organisation would like to fund an entire project, please get in touch with us on 3huganda@gmail.com


Infrastructure Repair


Community Home, Kyemula

Some older people in Kyemula could not maintain their homes and had no family to support them. A community home provides them with a safe, secure place to live – and by caring for the orphans within the village community they remain useful, contributing to the community. The community home has provided a safe refuge for far more people than it was initially intended to house and is now in need of some repairs and maintenance to enable it to fulfil its vital role in the village. 

The repairs will cost £700.

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Jackie School, Kyemula 

Classes used to take place under the trees but we have built a school with seven class rooms which means lessons no longer stop when it rains. There is also a latrine and a kitchen which provides two hot meals a day.  The school buildings need constant attention as they have heavy usage. The kitchen needs to be rebuilt and running repairs are needed to the structure of the building.  


The work will cost £250.

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Bunyanga Bright Primary School, Namayili

The school has opened in two buildings, one of which is in poor repair.  The most urgent need is to build new pit latrines, and then to repair the water harvesting system previously installed.  A maintenance and repair plan needs to be developed to bring the buildings up to a good standard.

The pit latrines will cost £300.

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Menstrual Cups: Kyemula & Namayili

Menstrual hygiene is a problem for women across Africa and the lack of sanitary products causes many girls to miss school, or drop out altogether.  Menstrual cups, made of silicon, are discreet and reliably leak-free.  They are reusable and long lasting which makes them more cost effective than disposable pads.  

We have provided each girl at Jackie School who needs one with a menstrual cup and training in how to use it.  Very clearly this is a continuing need… and the girls at Bunyanga Bright Primary School also need access to menstrual cups.


£300 is needed this year to supply more menstrual cups and the necessary training.

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Shoes for all: Kyemula & Namayili

The chigoe sand flea or ‘jigger’ lives in dry soil and feeds on the bare feet of humans, especially children who have softer skin and tend not to wear shoes. The fleas burrow into the feet leaving blisters which can lead to secondary infection.  We want to protect the children in Kyemula and Namayili from the risks associated with jiggers by encouraging everyone to wear footwear at all times. 

In 2019 we purchased a pair of shoes for every child in Kyemula but there is a continuing need and we also need to provide shoes for 120 children in Namayili 


Each pair of shoes costs £1 – we need to buy 200 pairs.

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Literacy project: Kyemula


The home language in Kyemula has no written form, so when they start teaching English at school, the children find learning to read a real challenge. At present, learning is by rote, which makes learning enough to pass the Primary Leaving Exam a huge challenge. 


We have trained 9 teachers at Jackie School, Kyemula to introduce a Ugandan phonics based reading scheme which will support the children’s learning– it is unique in the country and will help overcome the barriers to gaining fluency in spoken and written English.


More teachers at Jackie School will need to be trained and we will also need to purchase additional elements of the reading scheme over time.


£180 buys a set of reading books and £75 funds the training for one teacher.

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In due course we would hope to repeat this project at Bunyanga Bright Primary School

Total cost £1500


Water Projects: Kyemula & Namayili


By collecting the water from the roof of the school and the church in Kyemula in a large tank we can enable more people to access clean water in times of drought. The tank was installed in June 2019 and is working well. 


There are still problems maintaining the water supply at the boreholes and we are aware that a similar water harvesting system in Namayili needs repair.


We need to build up a reserve fund to maintain clean water supplies.


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