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Upcoming Projects 

By visiting, and talking to our partners in Kyemula, we have recently identified more areas that we can help, and we need your help too. To raise the totals needed for these projects, we are asking for one-off donations - please click here to help. Alternatively if your company, school, or organisation would like to fund an entire project, please get in touch with us on 3huganda@gmail.com


Menstrual cups


‘You cannot ask for sanitary pads, if people in your home are starving’

Moreen is 14 and a pupil at Jackie School in Kyemula. She told us: ‘The challenge in school is menstrual hygiene.  I had one pack of pads but shared them with the others and now they are gone’. 

Menstrual hygiene is a problem for women across Africa and the lack of sanitary products causes many girls to miss school, or drop out altogether.  Menstrual cups, made of silicon, are discreet and reliably leak-free.  They are reusable and long lasting which makes them more cost effective than disposable pads.  

Our aim is to provide each girl at Jackie School who needs one with a menstrual cup and training in how to use it.  The initial cost will be £700.

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Shoes for all

The chigoe sand flea or ‘jigger’ lives in dry soil and feeds on the bare feet of humans, especially children who have softer skin and tend not to wear shoes.


The fleas burrow into the feet leaving blisters which can lead to secondary infection.  We want to protect the children in Kyemula from the risks associated with jiggers by encouraging everyone to wear footwear at all times. 


We have already purchased shoes for our sponsored children but there are 200 other children in the village who also need to protect their feet. 


An initial purchase of 200 pairs of sandals and shoes will enable every child to have safe footwear and will cost just £200.

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Literacy project


The home language in Kyemula has no written form, so when they start teaching English at school, the children find learning to read a real challenge. At present, learning is by rote, which makes learning enough to pass the Primary Leaving Exam a huge challenge. 


We would like to introduce a Ugandan phonics based reading scheme to support the children’s learning – it is unique in the country and will give them a real advantage in being able to read English. 


We will also train the teachers so they can use the scheme effectively.  Once reading standards improve we can add text books in all the basic subjects. 


Initial costs for the phonics scheme will be £1500. Click here to help.

You can find out more details for the scheme here.